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Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. This is a new project we are initiating, and we hope this new project can bring you some extra cash! How it works is, you sign up by clicking  on the New Affiliate Signup link, and fill out the Affiliate Sign Up form. You will then receive your user ID and password via email that will be needed for your personal admin page. Using your personal Admin Page, you will be able to track your sales as well as obtain Sub-Affiliate links to place on your page. You can place these links on any page you desire, and even place it in your signature file of your outgoing emails! Any orders that are generated from your web page(s), or your outgoing emails, you will receive a 2% commission on the total sales! Keep this in mind, the more places you display the link, the more possibilities of additional cash!! We will be adding new text codes and banners, so stop in and check for specialized item banners, or you can even request a banner for a moped part that you would like to generate traffic to! Once you sign up, you can visit the Affiliate Page, and check your total visits and commissions. You only need your Affiliate ID and password that you are provided upon signing up.


We also provide Sub-Affiliate referral banners as well! Place the Sub-Affiliate link on your page, and when they sign up to our affiliate program, you will receive an additional 1% of THEIR total sales! There is NO LIMIT on the amount of sites you refer to us, the more you refer, the more revenue you can make, SO JOIN TODAY!

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